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teisipäev, 25. juuni 2013

Doritaenopsis Pentel Gem-i uus hooaeg

Elab ikka kapis ja kergkruusas ning tunneb ennast hästi.

06. juuni                                                 10. juuni

25. juuni

Ka juured - kenad ning terved ja neid tekib aina juurde.

Seekord on fotod tehtud ilma välguta.
Ainult ehe ja loomulik õie värvus!

2 kommentaari:

  1. Hello! I watched your complete Blog. I could not read one word, but i could see the beautiful orchids. You really seem to love your plants.

    I was surprised you use those "stones" to grow them. But they seem to like it. Until now i used the substrate from Seramis, which contains some stones too. Maybe i will try it too with the stones with one of the next orchids.

    I wish you good luck with your orchids. :-)

    1. Thank you, that you liked my blog.
      Seramises I only rain water chestnut plants. Tap water is a limey.
      All plants do not like the crested, some are beginning - one or two years of beautiful. Now I have to re-substrate introduced.
      My English is not the best.